Make every moment memorable nd unique. Taking the steps together to help create that moment in time that stands still. Captiving the essence of it, and turn it into a memory you wont forget! Inspiring you to show yourself some love. Enjoy yourself with you in mind catching every essence with a fragrance that stops the moment in time. Were not just selling you a product; we are creating a memorial experience, an Essence of Nubian Relaxation, Insipring Self Care.

 Nubian Essence Candle Co. take pride in everything that we do. We sanitize everything and buy ALL natural materials. We came up with these recipes after extensive research and trials. We have gathered up all the great stuff from the earth, learned about them and started making beautiful amazing candles and essentail products.

 .. All our products are 100% plant / vegetable base*, no artificial ingredients or coloring, vegan friendly and safe for all skin types and the environment. 

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